The Most Toxic Food Product There Is

It has been said that the food industry in this country would literally feed you cardboard if they could get away with it. You may be surprised to learn that in fact it is already known how much sawdust they can put in snack treats before you notice the difference — about 15%. Your body …

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Paradise Stolen – Parts 5-6

Episode 5 – Why We Are Poor 10:02 – Stefan Verstappen – 26 Feb 2016 Episode 6 – The Value of Money 4:49 – Stefan Verstappen – 29 May 2018

Paradise Stolen – Parts 1-4

Episode 1 – Don’t Show Your Children 5:37 – Stefan Verstappen – 30 Jan 2015 Episode 2 – The Myth of Efficiency 6:06 – Stefan Verstappen – 21 Feb 2021 “There was abundance in the Colonies, and peace was reigning on every border. It was difficult, and even impossible, to find a happier and more …

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Kubrick on the Moon Landings

Am unclear regarding the date of this interview or who conducted it. It reportedly preceded Kubrick’s death by only a week or two. He died from heart attack on 07 May 1999. Stanley Kubrick – Wikipedia

The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music

TUESDAY, APRIL 24, 2012 “The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation” Hello, After more than 20 years, I’ve finally decided to tell the world what I witnessed in 1991, which I believe was one of the biggest turning point in popular music, and ultimately American society. I have struggled for a …

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Debunking Virology – Three Doctors Talk Facts

Having read Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World years ago, and merging it with Orwell’s 1984, perhaps it was easy to see that the COVID-19 ‘pandemic’ was potentially nothing more than social engineering on a grand scale. Social engineering for fun and profit. It had been easy in 2011, once evidence had been provided, to recognize …

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PSYOP The Steal – Official Documentary

Talk about theater. What if almost everything you thought you knew was actually fake? Would you call bullshit? Would you hold those responsible to account? Those who make their way through the following 84 minutes will have a much more comprehensive understanding of current events, including the “Capitol Riot.” 1:24:21 – Millie Weaver – 23 …

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Deep State Boasts of Taking Out Trump

Napoleon said that history was a myth agreed upon. Henry Ford said that history was “bunk” (bullshit), that it was “made up.” Tolstoy is supposed to have said that history would be a wonderful thing, if only it were true. “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” — …

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Depopulation – That Means You

Well said, Mr. Day. I wonder how many will listen. 17:33 – Jerry Day – minivanjack – 10 Feb 2021

Hydrogen from Water as a Power Source

I mused on an old blog years ago that we would probably learn one day that there was more energy locked in the water of our planet’s oceans than anywhere else on Earth. I didn’t think this was some great insight, only that I was picking up on what was already known to the collective …

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Archbishop Vigano – The Great Reset

This Letter to the President, written by Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, was brought to my attention by a friend. I thought it was particularly well written. I post it here not for religious purposes per se, but for the truth it exposes about the so-called Great Reset into which all the people of the …

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How Washington DC Really Works

11:57 – Black Pigeon Speaks – 28 Oct 2020 (BitChute video; You may use your computer’s Up and Down arrows to control the volume.) “In poor countries it’s called a bribe. In the US it’s called lobbying.” Not a single Congressperson writes the laws they lobby for and pass. They are written by the Special …

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9/11 Suspects – Documentary – James Corbett

1:13:20 – The Corbett Report – 2016 Note that the video may start at full volume. You may want to reduce the volume before clicking play. 9/11 Suspects (Full Documentary | 2016) : The Corbett Report In 2016, The Corbett Report released the 9/11 Suspects series in individual installments. Now, as we approach the 19th anniversary of …

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Sunrise Exposed

Stay Tuned – Indeed 8:46 – Millennial Millie – 27 Sep 2020 Note that the up and down arrows on your keyboard will (or should) adjust the volume. Description: What you are about to see took over two years to compile having infiltrated several leftist organizations. This coming documentary contains exclusive material not found in …

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Geoengineering – Solar Radiation Management

Courtesy of Greg Hunter – West Coast wildfires, wild temperature swings and hurricanes in the Gulf are all part of the consequences of man-made weather modification called Geoengineering. Climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington says, “People need to unite in the fight against climate engineering because it’s killing us all. . . . If we …

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The Money Masters

3:28:48 – Bill Still – 1996 Note that the video will likely commence at FULL volume. The controls will be visible once the video is started. Synopsis: The history of the debt money system promulgated by privately-owned central banks masquerading as central banks owned by the state and operating in the public interest. How monetary …

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Ryan Dawson on Slavery and The Civil War

Facts that you will not hear today about slavery, the North and the South, Lincoln, the railroads, the Civil War, and more… 10:42 – ANC Report – 28 Jul 2020

CONTRALAND – Child Sex Trafficking in America

Am posting this here to make this link available to all visitors. This documentary was done by Craig “Sawman” Sawyer of Veterans for Child Rescue. It is about human trafficking and how pervasive is the sexual exploitation of the children in this country. It’s free. Please watch it, wake up, and tell others. Click the …

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Human Trafficking – Hidden in Plain Sight

For those willing to spend the time to watch (or listen) to this, you will gain a much larger understanding of the human trafficking that is hidden in plain sight all around us. Way Fair Questions Need to Be Asked 51:02 – Amazing Polly Related: Eyes Wide Open by Fiona Barnett

Manipulation of the American Mind: E. Bernays

Courtesy of Richard Gunderman – 9 July 2015 “The most interesting man in the world.” “Reach out and touch someone.” “Finger-lickin’ good.” Such advertising slogans have become fixtures of American culture, and each year millions now tune into the Super Bowl as much for the ads as for the football. While no single person can …

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A Dedication to Truth – George Floyd

Did George Floyd Die of a Drug Overdose? Courtesy of JP Leonard – June 16, 2020 Fatal Fentanyl: A Forensic Analysis “The centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.” — W. B. Yeats, 1919 Truth is the first victim in politics. Factions and passions rule. Random facts are picked as weapons, no …

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Mass Torture in Progress

You will find most of Polly’s previous videos posted here in the public Group forums if not on the main blog. Is This Torture? – YouTube 43:14 – Amazing Polly Description: In this video I start off slow but pick up steam as I submit the evidence and examples. By comparing our situation to the …

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Political Corruption at Trump Rally

From Armstrong Economics – Martin Armstrong – 2020.06.25 (BOK stands for Bank of Oklahoma) Here is how a corrupt convention center management team kills attendance at a Trump Rally. I was there and saw most of it first hand, followed by others tonight that never got past the temperature screeners. 1. BOK Center holds at …

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