CONTRALAND – Child Sex Trafficking in America

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This documentary was done by Craig “Sawman” Sawyer of Veterans for Child Rescue. It is about human trafficking and how pervasive is the sexual exploitation of the children in this country.

It’s free. Please watch it, wake up, and tell others. Click the link below.



  • Child sex trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal enterprise on earth.
  • It is an estimated $38 Billion a year business in the U.S.
  • Blackmail involving pedophilia is at the root of much of America’s political corruption.

1:19:50 — Craig Sawyer: “I have more disdain for those who abuse positions of authority than anything else. And I think that they should be judged more harshly even than the other predators because there is a position of public trust that is abused by some of these predators… They work themselves into a position as a judge, or a chief, or a teacher or a coach, or something that we traditionally want to give respect and credibility to and sadly the predators work their way into those positions.”

They operate within the public trust.

Sawyer talks about how we have been conditioned in the United States to be tolerant of everything. But there are things we should not be tolerant of. We must not be tolerant of that which will kill us, or that which will destroy our children.

Dante’s Hell – Circles Eight and Nine

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