CONTRALAND – Child Sex Trafficking in America

Am posting this here to make this link available to all visitors. This documentary was done by Craig “Sawman” Sawyer of Veterans for Child Rescue. It is about human trafficking and how pervasive is the sexual exploitation of the children in this country. It’s free. Please watch it, wake up, and tell others. Click the …

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Human Trafficking – Hidden in Plain Sight

For those willing to spend the time to watch (or listen) to this, you will gain a much larger understanding of the human trafficking that is hidden in plain sight all around us. Way Fair Questions Need to Be Asked 51:02 – Amazing Polly Related: Eyes Wide Open by Fiona Barnett

Human Trafficking – Time to Rout this Cancer

The article below is posted in representation of a much larger issue. It exposes the corruption endemic in our government, a government that protects those who conduct commerce in flesh – specifically the flesh of children. Human trafficking actually exceeds the drug trade in global dollars spent each year. This is an abomination. The article …

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Ignorance or Apathy, looking the other way

Immigration and Customs Enforcement initiated a pilot program earlier this month (May, 2019) on the Southern border. They used a 90-minute DNA test to confirm that the children actually belonged to the adults they accompanied. Almost a full ONE THIRD did not. You may draw your own conclusions, but when people tell you that child …

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