Dante’s Inferno

“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”

Circle One – Those in limbo
Circle Two – The lustful
Circle Three – The gluttonous
Circle Four – The hoarders
Circle Five – The wrathful
Circle Six – The heretics

Circle Seven – The violent

Ring 1. Murderers, robbers, and plunderers
Ring 2. Suicides and those harmful to the world
Ring 3. Those harmful against God, nature, and art, as well as usurers

Circle Eight – The Fraudulent

Bolgia 1. Panderers and Seducers
Bolgia 2. Flatterers
Bolgia 3. Simoniacs
Bolgia 4. Sorcerers
Bolgia 5. Barrators
Bolgia 6. Hypocrites
Bolgia 7. Thieves
Bolgia 8. Counselors
Bolgia 9. Sowers of Discord
Bolgia 10. Falsifiers

Circle Nine – The Traitors

Round 1: Traitors to their kindred
Round 2: Traitors to their country
Round 3: Traitors to their guests
Round 4: Traitors to their lords

Inferno (Dante) – Wikipedia

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