The Creature from Jekyll Island – Lecture

This is from a lecture given by author G. Edward Griffin in Los Angeles, 1994.

1:13:37 – The Reality Zone – 2017-06-11

I was pleased to see that a copy of this lecture had been made available on YouTube, although technically it was not provided by The Reality Zone. It is 74 minutes long.

Having already bought the book, I myself purchased this short lecture on CD many years ago. I have meant for some time to contact Mr. Griffin and ask his permission to post an MP3 audio of it here on the website. I have not yet done so, and will for the time being post this in lieu of that. I assume that if Mr. Griffin wanted this video taken down he would have already asked YouTube to do so. That said, I will not post my own iteration without explicit consent.

I see that an audio copy was provided on as well, as far back as 2012. I post the link here for anyone who would prefer to stream that instead of the YouTube version.

The Creature from Jekyll Island – A Lecture on the Federal Reserve – Dr Ed Griffin

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The Creature from Jekyll Island – Lecture – Veritas