PSYOP The Steal – Official Documentary

Talk about theater. What if almost everything you thought you knew was actually fake? Would you call bullshit? Would you hold those responsible to account? Those who make their way through the following 84 minutes will have a much more comprehensive understanding of current events, including the “Capitol Riot.”

1:24:21 – Millie Weaver – 23 Feb 2021

Note the strange similarity with events that ‘happened’ in Ukraine in 2013-2014

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
— CIA Director William Casey


  1. Even with ALL this overwhelming evidence of this leftist plot, republicans remain helpless and incompetent to do a damn thing snot it. How is this possible? We don’t see videos of “right wing Patriot” groups plotting anything of the kind toward anyone!

    • Richard, you might appreciate this…

      Dual Morality Codes – YouTube
      8:29 – The New American – Daniel Natal

      The West has always been based on a unitary ethical structure, where everyone was equal before the law. By contrast, outside of Christendom, something called ‘dual morality codes’ evolved, whereby the rules are applied different to people, based on their social status or power. The in-group is treated differently than the out-group. What happens as America transitions away from its original unitary ethical system to embrace a new two-tier justice system?

  2. I can’t help but to question Trumps roll in the outcome of this election. He surrounded himself with rhinos and deep state for his advisors. He managed the “pandemic” just as the left wanted and would have themselves. He did not use the military to stop the leftists coup. He did not enact executive order 2018 and he absolutely told patriots to show up December 6th for basically an unknown reason playing right into the hands of those traitorous democrats. Have them exactly what they needed. There’s no denying what we witnessed. Trump said, “we will March to the capital building.” There was no “we,” he left right after his speech. I think we were lead astray through psyop this entire four years. Just my opinion.

    • You have basically drawn the same conclusions I have regarding Trump (and the rest), that this was not simply bad theater but ‘All-Star Wrestling.’ Once or twice you could say that Trump made bad choices or was poorly advised, but after a while that doesn’t work anymore and it’s time to admit you were had.

      Why didn’t he expose the real players in 9/11? Why didn’t he pardon Assange? Et cetera, et cetera.

      It might be good to remember that the Democrats and the Republicans (RINO’s) are both just two wings of the same bird… and it is a bird of prey.

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