2020-04-29 — Menu page created. There may be some overlap until this is sorted out. Created because I wanted ready access to some pages that resided elsewhere.

I was working on a page about Morse code a couple months ago. It actually was pretty interesting, and I ended up spending more time on it than I expected to. I will eventually publish that page when I have time to finish it. There are many things like that I hope to compile here.

Many pages or posts here would perhaps fall under this category. They are general information only, and might constitute some part of a Wiki if we were to ever set one up. We will attempt to refine this going forward.

Also see, site Category: Wiki
Work in progress, and this adherence to category has probably not been very rigorous…

Wiki Group has been created as opposed to doing Wiki pages. This Page may at some time be deleted, although that seems unlikely at this point.