Germ Theory vs. Terrain Theory – Soylent Green

Germ theory vs. Terrain theory is today a subject of vigorous debate. We note this here only for reference and will not enter into a discussion about it in this post.

That said, the image above has always reminded me of feedlot beef. Countless numbers of cows spending their short lives not in green pastures, but in feedlots. They are fed an endless stream of antibiotics because of the unnatural way they are raised.

One may ask the practical question of whether we should be eating beef (for example) that has been pumped with antibiotics, but there are spiritual questions as well. Should we be consuming animals that have been treated this way? How much life-energy do they actually have to give?

It is the same with how industrial pork is raised, and chickens, treated not as living creatures, but as manufactured product.

For those who believe this is wrong it is yet one more reason to buy local, and know who your farmer is. And don’t fall for the trap being laid by the Technocrats that ‘lab-grown’ meat is the solution to these problems. It is not. There is nothing more unnatural than synthetic meat, no matter how it is disguised.

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