Ignorance or Apathy, looking the other way

Immigration and Customs Enforcement initiated a pilot program earlier this month (May, 2019) on the Southern border. They used a 90-minute DNA test to confirm that the children actually belonged to the adults they accompanied. Almost a full ONE THIRD did not.

You may draw your own conclusions, but when people tell you that child trafficking is a major problem and you look the other way because it interferes with your political agenda then accept that you are part of the problem. Taxpayer money will be used to get these people to sanctuary cities. Cities that exist specifically to help facilitate this sort of thing. Well done.

Human trafficking rivals the drug trade worldwide, and even surpasses it according to some sources who say that it is underreported because so many governments and law enforcement agencies are actually involved in it – including our own. Anyone who doubts that – and cares – should take the time to read The Franklin Cover-up by John DeCamp. Your worldview will never again be the same.

What Is Human Trafficking? | Homeland Security

originally posted to spacebook on 2019-05-28


  1. When you give evil people control over your government, don’t be surprised when they engage in criminal activities. The truth is we are all apathetic. Try telling that to the American herd and they will scurry away like rats because the cognitive dissonance is so powerful. Just like the crack epidemic in the ’90s where armored tanks with battering rams would punch holes in people’s walls to violently force “offenders” into law enforcement custody because of drugs planted by the CIA, the American herd will rush to the government to “solve” the child trafficking epidemic. It’s all a ruse.

    • I meant to respond to this already…
      I was surprised years ago when for Christmas my father gave me a copy of Waco: Rules of Engagement. In VHS. Dad was pretty much ultra-Conservative, so this was a bit of a surprise. Nothing was said about it, just wrapped and given. I was still naive about how the world actually worked, and watching this was probably my first step in waking up.

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