Leftist Cults Want Your Kids and Your Money

I came across this video again from November of 2018, and it spurred a lot of thought.

I remember when “reality” TV shows started coming out many years ago, specifically ‘Survivor’. I watched only one episode of this ever, and found it repulsive. Not only was it filled with hubris and narcissism, it basically rewarded whoever was the most plotting, whoever was the most unscrupulous in order to get what they wanted. The goal was only to win, and it made noble the willingness to be a backstabber in order to do so. It was shameful, and yet the ‘winner’ was celebrated as a hero.

It reminded me of something Viktor Frankl said years ago, that those who survived the concentration camps were not the good ones. Those who stayed true to their humanity and their principles perished because they were not willing to do evil to their fellow man to stay alive. None of this seems to matter in an age of “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” This is by design.

Manipulation of others has now become the modus operandi of those who have been mentally and emotionally manipulated into being victims themselves. It has now become part of the culture. My blonde friend provides some thoughtful perspective.

Leftist Cults Want Your Kids and Your Money

15:12 – Amazing Polly – 2018-11-15

Description: Feeling misunderstood by your parents?
Don’t talk it out with them… use them instead!
I go over cult recruitment tactics by looking at a shocking video that appears to be an advertisement for a well known organization.

Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism by Robert Jay Lifton

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