Depopulation – That Means You

Well said, Mr. Day. I wonder how many will listen. 17:33 – Jerry Day – minivanjack – 10 Feb 2021

Autumn Leaves – 2020

Once again it is the season for those who both love the planet and hate it to join forces and rid their lawns of fallen leaves. Many will send their efforts to the landfill. You will be able to tell the ones who really care by the large brown paper bags they use to do …

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Geoengineering – Solar Radiation Management

Courtesy of Greg Hunter – West Coast wildfires, wild temperature swings and hurricanes in the Gulf are all part of the consequences of man-made weather modification called Geoengineering. Climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington says, “People need to unite in the fight against climate engineering because it’s killing us all. . . . If we …

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The Battle of the Titans

A number of years ago many witnesses reported seeing a missile launched – at night – off the California coast. It was Southern California as I recall. I no longer remember the details and will not attempt to look them up at this time. I read about it on a blog I used to frequent, …

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A 9/11 Anomaly – Weather

September 7, 2019. On this day 18 years ago Hurricane Erin was making its way northeast toward New York City. It would pause off the coast of New York on 9/11, then turn due east and head north again. Did you hear about it? At all? I didn’t think so. Yet under the circumstances it …

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