A 9/11 Anomaly – Weather

September 7, 2019. On this day 18 years ago Hurricane Erin was making its way northeast toward New York City. It would pause off the coast of New York on 9/11, then turn due east and head north again. Did you hear about it? At all? I didn’t think so. Yet under the circumstances it might have been cataclysmic.

About ten years later I would read a book given to me by a friend. Portions of it seemed to approach science-fiction. Yet the more time I took to digest it, the more I grew to believe that its propositions were most likely correct. The author, Dr. Judy Wood, who in good faith naively shared her research and conclusions regarding the abomination(s) of 9/11, was not only discredited, but excoriated. If her science was so obviously wrong I don’t think they would have found it necessary to destroy her the way they did.

Having become a nation of Sheep, we no longer cared about the truth, only in feeling good. Good and safe, like what sheep want and need. Theater. It is the belief in their safety they most desire, even if it is only an illusion. A large portion of us had not yet begun calling for our own slaughter at the altars of various gods. Slaughter – virtuous, self-wrought and assisted.

The real control was just getting started. In less than 20 years, everything the American people believed would in fact be some form of science-fiction. Some strange, curious, queer hybridization of Nineteen Eighty-Four and Brave New World.

The truth is out there though, for those willing to find and accept it. It is multi-faceted, and larger beyond what most can conceive. Much of this site – Veritas – is dedicated to discovering it.

9/11 Weather and Field Effects – page 1

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