The Battle of the Titans

A number of years ago many witnesses reported seeing a missile launched – at night – off the California coast. It was Southern California as I recall. I no longer remember the details and will not attempt to look them up at this time. I read about it on a blog I used to frequent, and verified it elsewhere. Any number of things might have explained this, but I commented that it was probably just part of a bet.

“I’ll bet you I can… fire a missile off the coast of California, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. More than that, your mindless population will barely even notice, and your subservient media will not report on it.”

Not that one had anything to do with the other, but I think it wasn’t long after that that our blessed and worshipful Obama had an extemporaneous meeting with Chinese officials off the coast of Alaska while he was supposedly on vacation. Very odd, and, to me, very unsettling. Obama’s own nature made him a willing partner in the dismantling of America. Hope’s ass. It only reinforced that the American public had no idea what really went on in the world.

Move forward a few years. I was living out in the country at the time and was having some exterior paint work done. The painter commented on the numerous “chem-trails” that filled the sky. I asked what in the world he was talking about. “Those are contrails,” I said. “I think maybe you have lost your mind.” He told me not to take his word for it, to do my own research. Something I tell people today. It took a while for me to get my mind around this, but so began my education into what I would learn to be the highly developed world of geoengineering. By any name it was weather warfare.

So that brings us to today. Now, after countless hours of reading, research, and consideration, I have a very different perspective on how the world operates than I did even ten years ago. And I considered myself skeptical then! In many ways it feels like the journey has only just begun.

Here is my take on Hurricane Dorian, although as Lilliputians we will most likely never know most of the details: This was someone, some principality, bullying, threatening, challenging someone else. It was some sort of a duel. A cosmic wrestling match, casually leaving the children and property of the Bahamas as collateral damage. I refuse to call this a game of chess. This was uncivilized and unholy. Crude. Someone’s idea perhaps of eventually creating order out of chaos.

Like Hurricane Harvey that sat motionless over Houston for two days while dumping a year’s supply of water, this was another display of nature that was anything but natural. There is nothing organic about much of the weather that now manifests on this Earth. This opens many discussions, and leads us down many paths. We must first however accept that unicorns may in fact now exist.

Open your mind to things you never thought possible and let’s see where that leads us.

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  1. PS- I think it was no coincidence whatsoever that this massive storm was headed directly towards West Palm Beach – specifically Mar-a-Lago. It was to send a message, and this was my theme above.

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