Autumn Leaves – 2020

Once again it is the season for those who both love the planet and hate it to join forces and rid their lawns of fallen leaves. Many will send their efforts to the landfill. You will be able to tell the ones who really care by the large brown paper bags they use to do so.

I have often wondered why those who believe in a divine Creator believe in One who would design a world so badly. And I have wondered why those who do not believe, but claim to love Mother Earth, harbor so much hostility for the microbes and earthworms who live in her soil. This compost is in fact a large part of their diet, if not the very reason for their existence.

Perhaps the greatest irony of all is to watch those who rail so bitterly about “climate change” expend additional hydrocarbons to sequester this glorious source of carbon ELSEWHERE. This, to me, is how you know that most of these people are full of shit.


5:40 – Eric Clapton

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