Truth is Whatever We Say It Is…

They forbade you to open your businesses. They told you what you could buy and sell, and where. They made it ‘illegal’ to go to Church. They arrested you for daring to protest the Governor. They denied your children graduations and proms. They told you NO wakes or funerals for your departed loved ones. They made you cancel your wedding plans and vacations. They made inane rules about wearing masks — rules that constantly evolved on a whim. In the name of RACISM, however, it all changed.

Since it is doubtful that C-19 makes any distinction for this protest or that, maybe it was all BULLSHIT to begin with… and if it was, what are you to glean from this? Logic does not cease to exist just because political expediency says so.

Oh, in case you had not heard, just before the riots “happened” the CDC quietly released data saying that at 0.2% C-19 had a lower mortality rate than the seasonal flu. Yes! You were more likely to die of almost anything than “C-19” — in spite of nearly every death from all causes being classified as such! Ridiculous.

To the 10% or so of you who are able to think for yourselves, be careful. The Wolves are working overtime to convince the Sheep that the Sheepdogs are their enemy.

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