Ordo Ab Chao – Orchestrated

A lot of mourning recently took place in this country. It manifested in looting Liquor Stores, Targets, Pharmacies, and Cheesecake Factories. In a show of support, masses of people traveled far, assisting protesters in peacefully burning down Public Housing, Police Stations, Gas Stations, Restaurants, and countless cars. Well done. Someone else, naturally, will clean it up.

It turns out that pallets of bricks showed up at “protests” in New York City, Kansas City, Dallas, and elsewhere, almost as if these riots were planned. That doesn’t sound very organic to me, but then again, there is nothing like a brick to help turn people’s hearts to your cause.

All sarcasm aside, they need to find out who supplied these bricks. The damage caused by every single one needs to be charged back not just to those who hurled them, but to those who provided them as well — along with criminal charges. Contrary to what the Puppet-Media says, and Hollywood, this was a highly coordinated effort.

The communities themselves should not bear the cost of rebuilding when the chaos and destruction was planned and orchestrated far away by those with deep deep pockets. This Moral Hazard of continually bailing out bad actors must end.

It is an abomination as well for the taxpayer to bear this cost when they are already taxed to death to pay the salaries of crooked politicians and their armed enforcers who seem more and more to be only revenue generators for the State. We are so far beyond Mayberry that it is now laughably make-believe, but let’s quit blaming police when policy is set by those with dark hearts many levels above. And quit blaming it on “racism.” That’s bullshit.

If the police are unable to do their job of keeping Communities safe, then it is time for the people themselves to take charge. A free people who govern themselves have EVERY RIGHT to take their neighborhoods back and secure them from those who would do them harm. It is way beyond time to get back to basics.

“But they shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree; and none shall make them afraid.”
– Micah 4:4

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