Eaten by Bears

The Apostate Prophet talks about how cringeworthy – and stupid – it is when those caught up in their own virtue-signalling try to show Muslims how supportive they are of them during Ramadan.

There is a German word that comes to my own mind when I see stuff like this: Fremdschämen (definition below).

I thought this was instructional enough to place it here on the main blog. There is more below the video as well.

Woke Ramadan Cringe

10:51 – Apostate Prophet – 27 April 2020

In what is to me a strong parallel, I watched a documentary years ago about a man who went to live with Grizzly bears in Alaska. He was certain that the bears knew they could trust him, and for a while everything was fine. Park rangers say that most likely the bears were just incredibly confused by his behavior and so they left him alone. Finally, however, the guy got ate. His girlfriend too. These people did help substantiate at least one of Darwin’s theories, so we should give them that.

Grizzly Man – Wikipedia

fremdschämen German – verb (reflexive, informal)
to feel ashamed about something someone else has done; to be embarrassed on behalf of someone else who has embarrassed themselves (and doesn’t realize it)


  1. The bear guy story is incomplete. He went to leave the wilderness when the season was ending when he usually left, but he decided at the airport that he wanted to go back, he didn’t want to leave yet. That was a mistake. The bears that came through then were new bears, his familiar bears migrated on. The new bears didn’t know him. They’re the ones that ate him. The ones he had gotten familiar with never hurt him. And his girlfriend was killed going to his rescue. So the real lesson is know your community and be wary of strangers.

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