Soylent Green on the Way…

Unless things change soon, your children or grandchildren will be eating lab-grown “meat” and think it’s normal. An unholy abomination, but by then we’ll have human clones walking among us anyway. Unborn meat for unborn people. Neither having a soul.

Both Tyson Foods and Bill Gates are heavily invested in this technology. Isn’t that comforting? Kind of gives a new perspective on this so-called food chain dilemma that has recently been CREATED BY GOVERNMENT. Destroying millions of tons of food. This was all planned. Yes — it was.

If you don’t wake up soon, and learn to appreciate the world around you in all its natural organic glory, it will be too late. Those who plan to take it from you are not resting, and they are not wavering in their mission. They don’t believe in the same God you do, and they believe that everything belongs to them.

It is more important than ever to “Eat Local,” and be able to say yes when asked, “Do you know who your farmer is?”
“You damn right I do.”

Plant a garden this spring. Anything you think you can grow. Learn to make at least one recipe from scratch. And find out where your local Farmer’s Markets are. Support these people, your life and soul may one day be in their hands. Ask how you can help.

We are running on borrowed time, my friends. If you care about the Earth and our place in it, the time is now.

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