trading this for that…

I haven’t sold anything on eBay in a long time, although a number of years ago I did. I like eBay, or the concept of it at least, before it got so greedy. It was like a coast-to-coast garage sale. If you couldn’t find something anywhere else, you might still find it there. And the price would be fair, or at least (mostly) market determined. Finally, however, changes in their fee structure made it hard to be profitable as a seller, unless your cost of goods was essentially zero. At that point you were basically splitting your profit with them. That’s messed up, but I will save my thoughts on that for another time.

Here is where all this was going…
I recently received a notice from eBay to update the personal info on my account in order to ‘help them protect me’. Now I’m cool with updating my password, since it was originally created in 2001. In computing terms this was forever ago. What I perhaps thought was a cute password 16 or 17 years ago is now ridiculously simple, assuming I take access to my account very seriously at all. So there’s that, but it was more… and it exceeded anything to do with eBay.

It stuck in my mind, “help us protect you,” and although I had already changed my password a few weeks ago, it made me think of a larger picture.

It was a reminder that slavery is always sold as protection. Whether it is airport scanners, reading your emails, groping your children while you watch, training you and them to be sheep — especially them, since they watch you acquiesce to it — all in the name of being “safe”… safe, like a sheep is safe.

This is all theater, and always was. Yet it’s been remarkably effective. No one questions. Time proceeds, until no memories are left at all of what incredibly wonderful places were airports… and subways, bus and train stations, and any other place where humans met and congregated, exchanging their humanity in good faith.

“Baaa,” is the new battle cry, but it’s more than that, it’s conditioning. Getting you to accept these violations of your rights willingly, like sheeps do… and slaves. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, “Those who trade their liberty for security deserve neither.”

Maybe you think this is all so much bluster… but please, at least think about it.

Have a good day.

originally posted to spacebook on 2018-01-25


  1. Trading this for that…
    Bravo!!! ??? Brilliant! Well said! Somebody with a brain! This reminds me of those before and after photos where they show a community in the 1950s and they contrast that with today and our atomized, nihilistic, multicultural societies. The difference is stark! Politically and psychologically, this is called frog-in-the-pot effect. Gradual changes occur with little resistance until mammoth changes form and people are still desensitized. This is how to enslave a population. This is also the hegelian dialectic which is when the government creates a problem, waits for the proper response by the masses, and offers a solution. They do this constantly. We are perpetually put in a state of fear by our lovely governmnet. This is so they can build their racket on us. Remember the Mafia? They threaten business owners to pay “protection” tax otherwise the Mafia attacks these businesses until they comply. Our government is the biggest Mafia. They have traded our lives and our children’s in perpetuity to the Federal Reserve central bank syndicate. Now that we have the same level of education as the elites back in the day, maybe we can plant memes in the minds of people to reject this tyranny.

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