Lincoln on Gender

Abraham Lincoln loved telling jokes. He believed that a humorous story was often the best way of teaching something. This was a favorite joke he was known to have told his sons…

“How many legs would a dog have if you called its tail a leg?”
“Five!” his sons would answer.
“No, it would have only four,” Lincoln would reply. “Calling a tail a leg does not make it a leg.”

Apparently Lincoln did not understand how gender works. Can you imagine Lincoln, the first Republican President, running today?


  1. Lincoln on Gender
    This was confusing. Was Lincoln specifically referring to gender or did the writer use this story to describe the irrationality of gender fluidity? He makes an excellent point. Presidents were apparently much smarter, and more honest, than they are today. How far have we fallen? The point he makes is just because you call something something, does not make it so. If I pointed at a car and called it a spaceship, it does not make it so. This is called Postmodernism. It is part of Critical Theory and it has to do with the relativity of truth. This is associated with the deconstructionists. They tear down objective truths and they replace them with whimsical ideas. Postmodernism is so disturbing and yet it has found its way into our legal system. Schizophrenia must be on the rise. The transgender phenomenon is a cognitive distortion that can have serious repercussions. The people behind this Critical Theory are severely damaged and they appear to be mostly Jewish. Was Hitler right in describing them as parasites? I think he may have been. Their survival, in their mind, is wrapped up in keeping the host at bay by stripping them of as much power as they can. The YouTuber Black Pilled does a fantastic job of analyzing Hollywood film and the subversive material inserted in them is disturbing on so many levels. Even Joe Biden publicly praised the Jews for starting the gay right’s movement. They were behind feminism during women’s suffrage and the sexual revolution in the 1970s. The Frankfurt School was employed by the CIA after WW2 to refine the techniques of weaponizing cultural Marxism to break the will of an enemy. Coincidentally, it is the same technique used on the populace today, most notably against straight white males. Apparently, their arch nemesis is the strong, conservative, straight white male while their ally is the effeminate soy boy like John McCain and Joe Biden. They have the shekels and the obedient goy that behaves earns some everytime he does tricks for his Jewish masters. These people destroy the cohesion and harmony of societies by enriching themselves at the expense of others. Why more people aren’t opposing the Jews I don’t understand.

    • This was just something I posted on facebook recently, using Lincoln’s quote in a modern setting. Lefties love Lincoln, and the State glorifies him for their own reasons (he suspended the Constitution, printed monopoly money, ruthlessly shut down newspapers that questioned the war effort, allowed his generals to literally starve the population of the South and to bomb them mercilessly day and night (Vicksburg), aggressed on Southern States that most in the North believed did in fact have the Right to leave the Union if they so chose, et cetera, et cetera). Love Lincoln or not, he was hardly the saint he has been made to be. Would Reconstruction have been different if Lincoln had survived? I personally think it might have, but we’ll never know. He should never have had the power to commit such chaos and destruction in the first place, and there were other ways to handle the “slave” problem that did not require killing over a million men and destroying half the country. A little bit of a rant, but wanted to give some perspective. All this to say that I posted this to taunt the Lefties, like Spock trying to send a computer into meltdown. “Does not compute. Does not compute.”

      An interesting book, by the way, The Real Lincoln, by Thomas DiLorenzo.

      “The transgender phenomenon is a cognitive distortion that can have serious repercussions.”
      Amen. I have written much about this and will have to find and compile my notes. It is totally cognitive distortion, but I think it is much more than that, and I think the purpose of it is multi-faceted. It was not by chance that this happened, wandering off on some lonely path. This was thoroughly intentional.

      To highlight some quick thoughts…
      First, it is perversion. It glorifies whatever is the opposite of a divine (and organic) Creator.
      Second, it dovetails with transhumanism. Cyborgs don’t have genders, or, if they do, they (or someone) chose it. And what about cloning? I believe this has implications for that going forward.
      Third, it has the intermediary benefit of moving closer to the normalization of pedophilia. The theft of spiritual innocence from a child. A soul whose connection to the other realm is still relatively pure and untouched.

      “They tear down objective truths and they replace them with whimsical ideas.”
      Absolutely right! They want nothing to make sense. I will have plenty of stuff to post on this in the coming days…

      Many new directions to go on Postmodernism (what bullshit). Paul Joseph Watson has posted some good stuff on this.

      Pausing here… I read recently that Hitler offered for the Jews in Germany to all be emigrated if someone wanted to pay for it (I don’t remember the details). The response was no, that any suffering he brought on them would only encourage their right for a homeland after the war. I also remember reading about the Versailles Treaty while still a young man. Anyone could see that World War II was already in the making… and this was without knowing all the hidden sordid details.

      I think that what you attribute as “Jewish” conspiracies are not wholly what they appear to be, but we’ll have plenty of time to see where that leads us in weeks to come…

  2. Yeah, Stephen Spielberg did a movie on Lincoln praising him as a “man of freedom” president. If Hollywood is praising you, that means you were probably a wicked person. I never did much research on Lincoln but everything you said sounds accurate. I’m not like blind patriots that never question statesman as tyrants or anything. If they had power it probably means they were greasing the right wheels.

    The transgender movement is very disturbing. It is the most overt display of something going wrong that the normies can latch onto with their one minute attention span. Demon tranny story hour for six year olds and other grooming episodes makes one question the sanity of our public officials. I think they are socially engineering society in a direction that is down a very dark path and we are going to regret what we see down there. It reminds me of the outcome of Eddie Barzoon in the Devil’s Advocate:

    Yeah, what you read about Hitler and the Jews correlates with my research as well. The Rothschild leaders wanted an excuse to force the Jews into Israel to justify stealing the land from the Palestinians. So they went with the narrative that Hitler wanted to exterminate them and anti-Semitism is rampant and the only way to ensure their safety they would need to move to Israel. The Versailles Treaty ensured Germany would go into a great depression and they would want to revolt and Hitler came to the rescue. Meanwhile, the banks plotted all this out for their own nefarious purposes.

    I think the Jewish conspiracies offers up enough credible evidence to show that they are a threat, specifically the central bank owners and their middle managers. One thing the Jews are good at is keeping people in the dark about their power and control. It reminds me of that saying “the greatest trick the devil ever did was convince people he didn’t exist.” When you turn your back on your enemy don’t be surprised when he stabs you in the back. Plus, I think their monopoly on the media has programmed people to trust them and to not trust their critics. Never underestimate the power of brainwashing and social engineering. But don’t agree with me, I always like to hear people’s own thoughts and want them to come to their own conclusions. My research and evidence has given me sufficient proof that they are a dangerous threat and they should have been removed long ago. Unfortunately, people don’t see eye to eye so there is plenty of resistance from our own kind that continues to give them the benefit of the doubt despite all the violations they inflict.

    • “the greatest trick the devil ever did was convince people he didn’t exist.”
      YES! This is a foundational quote — The basis for much of the deception that surrounds the planet. In fact, I have a short essay waiting to be posted that notes that “All war is deception.”

      So thankful to have you here offering perspective.

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