The Right to be Armed

A friend of mine posted this recently on spacebook…
“For those of you who ask… who wants to take away your guns? Who wants to take your constitutional rights away. Take a gander at this.”

15:45 – Legally Armed America

This was my response…

Many people have come to me over the years telling me they think they should get a gun, and asking my advice. My first question was always, “Why do you think so?” Followed by, “What do you know about guns? Have you ever fired a gun?” Although I believe strongly that it is every person’s sacred right to defend the life bestowed on them by their creator, I have not always believed that every person should have a gun. That said, I have always believed that every person has the inalienable RIGHT to have or own one. Those who wrote our Constitution believed so too, and they were infinitely wiser than I.

The 1st Amendment to the Bill of Rights states that we are free to believe and worship as we choose, that we may speak freely and put those thoughts freely into print, that we may peaceably assemble, and that we may criticize the government and expect that criticism to be answered.

The 2nd Amendment naturally follows the first. That it immediately does so was not whim or chance. Its very intention was to state plainly that the people’s RIGHTS – not granted by government, but in fact ordained by their Creator – were potent and powerful. The 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights, and all that followed, were backed by lethal force. These weren’t just pretty words on paper. The Second Amendment stated in plain language that “You may rule us, but only because we say so, not because you do, and you will act within and be restrained by this Constitution.”

The Bill of Rights is part of the U.S. Constitution, and the Constitution cannot be changed just by Congress passing a law. The Founding Fathers were clear that any law which transgresses the Constitution was in fact no law at all.

This baloney that we are constantly “at war” with some faceless enemy and are therefore functioning under some nebulous “Emergency War Powers Act” needs to be discarded and we must take back control of our local and regional governments before it is too late. Although we are now basically living in a Banana Republic with Nukes, we still pretend to be a Constitutional Republic.

We have a serious problem today with all these vapid cries for “Democracy” – not even knowing what it means. Those who would enslave themselves want to enslave everyone else as well, dumb and unaware that they are sacrificing the very people who stand between them and utter tyranny… which is basically where we are now.


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