Unfriended in the Name of Tolerance

Unfriended; chalk up one more for “tolerance”….

A friend screamed at me one night over the phone two or three years ago that she belonged to “the party that cares about people!” It has been no secret for a long time that I disdain both political parties as two wings of the same bird, and am both willing and able to articulate why. When I asked however by what metric she made this declaration she angrily invited me to go have sex with myself and hung up on me.

I do not deny my obvious talent for getting people worked up, but when politics is your religion (or vice-versa) perhaps you belong not to a party, but to a cult.

It is sadly amusing that I get renounced and insulted on panels both Left and Right when I try simply to speak to freedom and liberty, which is basically the renunciation of blind allegiance to either side.

And it is curious to me that those who most stake their identity to “tolerance” are the least accepting of any opinion whatsoever that differs from their own.

Posted to spacebook 3 weeks ago… for whatever that’s worth.

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