The Cult of the Misanthropic Knife…

thoughtcrimes, and the cult of the misanthropic knife…

London, England. It once was the angry gun that went around killing people, but times have changed. Guns are highly restricted in London, so knives there have taken the initiative. Sadly, and for no apparent reason, knives have been going on wild killing sprees. Groups of knives are plunging themselves into people who rival gangs don’t like. There is no data yet available on how many of these are assault knives.

Many of the knives were known to associate with gangs of African migrants, although saying so may constitute hate-speech which is potentially more serious than the malicious acts of the knives themselves. Thankfully, the knives have so far been unable to commit this most heinous crime on their own.

London’s murder rate in 2018 surpassed that of New York City for the first time ever. Some worry that unless something is done this rage will spread to automobiles, sports equipment, construction tools, and even household chemicals. It may prove necessary to place absolutely everything under surveillance. Londoners have been asked to use extreme caution when around knives and to be careful not to enrage other items.

This is a Public Service message.

originally posted to spacebook on 2019-05-31


  1. The Cult of the Misanthropic Knife

    Obviously the knife as culprit indictment is absurd. Tools like guns, knives, and even chainsaws are not possessed by malicious intent. What is responsible for violent urges and what is a proper response to alleviate it? Language matters. Words matter. E. Michael Jones became a cult leader due to the idea of logos. A Greek invention and described by Aristotle, logos is the use of logic to convey one’s thoughts. Aristotle stated that we have three types of argument styles: logos, ethos, and pathos. Pathos deals with the emotion and it’s what gives us those dopamine hits. Ethos deals with a person’s character, their reputation and credibility. Logos deals with facts and figures to build a case using premises supporting a conclusion. Freud took it a step further to claim we have three drives of the psyche: id, ego, and superego. The id is our primitive urges, repressed drives. The superego is our moral conscience, and the ego is the mediator that decides whether to appeal to our moral idealism(superego) or our Darwinian, animal nature(id). How does this tie into weapons, violence, and policies?

    Policy is the application of law. The most important use of language is in law. Government is the province of law. Unfortunately, we have political leaders like Maxine Waters, Dianne Feinstein, and AOC representing our government. These women supported Christine Blasey Ford during the #MeToo movement even though it was clear she was lying during her testimony. How did our law become so subverted? Answer: the desire for power. This is the corrupting force driving our politics and the reason we are an empire hellbent on dominating the world. I thought we were against supremacist doctrines? The diversion of WW2, Nazi Germany, and the Holocaust is a clear case of gaslighting. Jews are allowed to have Jewish supremacism but white supremacism is a sin. Most people fail to see this because they are not trained to think logically and are deficient in logos. In another blog topic I will discuss The Game of Thrones the Jews have played on the world stage and how they have managed to stay so powerful. So why does the UK focus on knives as culprits of violent crime? Answer: the corrupting influence of power in politics.

    Politics in the West have been subverted by the manipulation of language. Just like a gun, government can be an effective tool of order or it can be a weapon used against the people for the benefit of the ruling class. This is the state we are in in the West. So I argue people are focusing on the wrong issue when they see violent knife crime as a national crisis. The only crisis that needs to be addressed first is the misuse of government to be used as a tool of extortion and coercion. Until we deal with this effectively, we are only treating the symptom of violent crime rather than the cause.

    I’ll leave the citizens of government with a quote by Benjamin Franklin: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

  2. The Game of Thrones and the House of Israel (Part 1)

    So why is Jewish supremacism allowed in the Western world which is touted as the first-world bloc of countries that uphold liberation from slavery, defenders against racism, and the believers of Capitalism? Moreover, why are Jews the most dominant group on the planet today? We will look at three areas of control: manipulation of language, corruption of morals, and the naked aggression of power.

    Jews dominate the banking industry. Banks make money by charging interest on the use of money. They use the practice of usury to extort(moral argument), or gain leverage on a business transaction(amoral argument). An American dollar is called fiat currency. Currency is an IOU that can be exchanged for its equivalent worth in money. Money has intrinsic value like gold and silver. The reason why you use IOUs is because it is more convenient and safer than carrying gold to pay for transactions. Now we have a higher level of abstraction from printed currency to credit cards, digital payment processors online, and financial instruments. These higher abstractions cause a cognitive shift in the minds of consumers to the relation to money. Vapid women might think credit cards are debit cards that are connected to their father’s or husband’s or boyfriend’s account in his bank where his money is stored. Credit cards serve two purposes for banks. They want people to be more detached from their money so it is easier to give it away(trade), and secondly, they want to extract the maximal amount of wealth from the borrower(leverage). People never pay attention to the importance of banks. They are a wealth generating machine. You would think more people would be fascinated into the intricacies of their operation but the banksters have cunningly made it a boring occupation. This is by design. Let’s go over another operation of banks and that is financial instruments.

    What is a financial instrument? It sounds complicated? It is simply another higher level of abstraction of money. Capital is a term describing the capacity to generate wealth. The sun is a self-sustaining, regenerating asset of capital. It is free energy. We use it in a variety of ways but one of the most beneficial is in growing our food supply. Other forms of capital are infrastructure, factories, machines, human labor, and distribution systems. A financial instrument is a contract. It is a monetary agreement between parties. Contracts include treasury bills, government bonds, stocks, and futures. These contracts are all part of gambling. Casinos are the most obvious form of gambling. When you invest, now all-of-a-sudden you are prestigious. Remember the cool movies like Wall Street? Gordon Gekko? They made it appear cool to “invest” so you could be the next hot shot getting laid by your secretary, flying around in private jets, and having a whole penthouse office floor at the top of a high rise building in the middle of Manhattan’s financial district. At least that was the promise. I still recall investors committing suicide by jumping out of buildings due to crashed economies. Real life Gordon Gekkos would be Jordan Belfort, George Soros, Warren Buffet, and the infamous Bernie Madoff. Now we are getting somewhere. Anybody’s interest pique but mine? Still desensitized? Okay, let’s move on. A Ponzi scheme is a confidence game where one party poses as a stockbroker investing for a client. The only problem is the “gains” the client makes is from other investors that the con artist(stockbroker) collected from. Rob Peter to pay Paul applies here. Once all the investors do a bank run on the con artist, the jig is up and the game is over, usually in the form of indictments. So when you invest in a stock portfolio, you are just taking bets on the ROI of companies, domestic and international. You are betting they are going to grow in size and generate more wealth, meaning you win your bets. The only problem is your investments are non-liquid assets with terms and conditions. They are tied up in the company for construction of capital. There’s a waiting period before you see a ROI.

    When Gordon Gekko said “greed is good,” he wasn’t lying. At least in the world of investing. The thrill or the rush from winning the gambling is the motivation that inspires hedge fund managers to plot out a course of bets for the next round of gambling. How does this tie into the manipulation of language(ads, marketing, sales tactics, presentations, and propaganda), monopolization of violence(lobbying, bribery, extortion, military ops, black ops, coups, jackals, law enforcement, and propaganda), and the corruption of morals(glamorizing the lavish lifestyle, promiscuity, sodomy, supremacism, and exalting secular beliefs)? The religion one practices determines their character.

    There is so much more to discuss on banks that we haven’t touched on and I still haven’t brought up the manipulation of language, corruption of morals, and the monopoly on violence the government is granted.

    • The U.S. Dollar, the Petrodollar, is indeed an un-Constitutional fiat currency that, with the (fake) passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 is no longer actually money at all, but, as you correctly state, an IOU. It is debt being traded as money. In a metaphysical sense it is an inversion of money.

      At one time at least these pieces of paper were backed by – and could still actually be traded in for – real gold or silver. Those days are of course long gone. We should be clear however that these “pieces of paper” are still ultimately backed by nuclear weapons… and this should not be overlooked. In fact, it may be our greatest dilemma.

      Gordon Gekko’s speech telling us that “Greed is good” set the tone for the next generation of hotshots. Morality and ethics be damned. (I actually scratched this out before I finished reading your comments.)

      The single largest function of the Federal Reserve anymore is simply to manage a “confidence game” — which is what the US “economy” and equities markets have become. They now manage “expectations” more than anything else, having basically looted the American economy long ago, and having turned our “markets” into the largest Ponzi scheme ever known to man. Most do not know that the United States declared bankruptcy in 1933 – only 20 years after the passage of the Federal Reserve and Income Tax Acts – and has been run by an International Banking Cartel ever since.

      • I wanted to add a couple of links here for further review or refutation…

        The Bankruptcy of America – 1933 | AntiCorruption Society

        The “U.S. Government” Went Bankrupt in 1933 and is No Longer a Republic

        I have not yet thoroughly read either one, but will let them serve as a foundation for future discussion.

      • The fiat currency IOU is, indeed, an inversion of money. It is sterile. The cuckoo bird lays its eggs in another bird’s nest and then throws out all the original birds, leaving only the cuckoo bird babies. The original mother gets conned into thinking the cuckoo birds are hers so she nurtures them to life. This is how it is with inflation. This is an ancient practice; that’s why it is called usury. They used to adulterate standard gold coins so that they had maybe a fraction of the original gold, if that. Socioeconomically, this is causing negative externalities, not only with our money but with our relationships. Now 30% of men are incels and a large percentage are MGTOW. A lot of women are unable to pair bond and the state subsidizes their impulses and negative behavior so they can socially engineer a new slave class that stays dependent on it. A toxic, symbiotic relationship where women and minorities form a coalition to increase government largesse because they are basic, biological organisms rather than thinking creatures. Long-term planning is not in their vocabulary.

        How do they inflate the currency? Fractional reserve banking. The federal reserve prints IOUs that are intrinsically worthless. They loan this currency to the American government who purchase it from loans like bonds and treasury bills traded on the securities market. This is the same tactic of rob Peter to pay Paul. It is the ultimate Ponzi scheme because somehow the government has “righteous” authority that the American citizen bestowed to it when they became a social security number, a tracker that monitors the labor you have generated during your lifetime. The government is “secure” so it reliably pays back its T bills and bonds with a little interest and insures deposits up to a quarter million dollars in partner banks. These banks trade securities, loans, and use 90% of depositer’s money to do this, increasing the money supply by a factor of ten, depending on the reserve ratio. During a recession, monetary powers given to the federal reserve allow it to increase the money supply when they inject currency into the market, giving people the illusion new wealth has been created and starting the economy all over again, kind of like a pull choke lawn mower. Sometimes the engine, the economy, dies(stalls) and you need to pull the choke(inject the right portion of currency) to start the engine and keep those GDP figures up. It is a symbiotic system whereby we are made totally dependent on the economy for our welfare. As soon as we crash the economy the banks no longer maintain their hegemony. It is a spider web of dependency. We are the bugs caught in the web of the federal reserve and they feed on us as they please.

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