Racist Airports

Why do we still have Customs at the airports? It seems pretty racist to question people why they are coming into the country. How would you feel if Israel, Saudi Arabia, Japan or Canada wanted to know why you were coming into THEIR country? Jerks.

Here are the 5 questions one is most likely to be asked by a Customs agent:

1. What is the purpose of your trip?
2. How long do you intend to stay?
3. Where will you be staying?
4. What is your occupation?
5. What are you bringing with you?

That is really messed up. It’s really not any of their business why you do anything, and I think it is important to state that. This racism and xenophobia must end, and one should not be treated badly just because they can afford to fly.

Originally posted to my spacebook on 2019-04-16. I still stand by this… smile.


  1. It doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with racism, more like bureaucracy. Government loves itself. It needs a reason to exist and creates layers of agencies to increase its scope over our lives and other people. The more we feed it the more it has excuses to grow. The less we feed it the more it loses excuses to grow. What approach should we take?

    • Laugh β€” This was more fun I was poking at a facebook audience that calls EVERYTHING racist. If you see the Category “Bullshit” or the Tag “satire” below the post it will be a good indication of something like this.

      This was in response to all the retards who say we should have “open” borders. Are you kidding me? Do these people lock their doors at night before they go to bed or when they go to work in the morning? Or do they put a sign in their front yard that says “All Welcome! Come on in and make yourself at home!”

      I watched a YouTube recently by Rebel Media where people in Toronto were asked if they would take in a migrant. “Oh yes, absolutely,” they said. As soon as one was produced they all of a sudden had reasons why THEY couldn’t take one in, but OTHER people should… or the STATE should do it. This is what happens when the State replaces religion.

      I will be posting a copy soon of “The Income Tax: Root of All Evil” that is now in the public domain. It goes into how and why this happens, and describes the Democrats I have known, or all people who think that “Government” should take care of everything.

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