Stop Being So Afraid of Everything

Tucker Carlson mistakenly believes that we pay the Congress to “run the country.” Like hell we do, and we should put an end to this ignorance as quickly as possible. We absolutely do NOT want, need, or intend to have a group of people made up largely of CRIMINALS and SOCIOPATHS running this country.

WE run our country, and do so in SPITE of these parasites — these Bureaucrats who drain us of our lives and productivity. WE run our communities, our farms, homes, children, gardens, clinics, small businesses, cafes, bakeries, hardware stores and art galleries, schools, co-ops, Sheriffs, fire and police departments, places of worship, et cetera, et cetera.

Big Government today is nothing more than a “protection” racket. It is large-scale mind control. To hell with the District of Columbia, and to hell with the biggest vampires of all, the Wall Street Banks. Support your Community and Regional Banks, Savings and Loans, and Cooperatives. People take care of people. Stop looking to Uncle Sugar to do it.

We must stop thinking that we need these puppets and their Puppet-Masters on high telling us how to run our lives. Tell them instead to get lost!

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