Notes on Men and Fathers in Society…

This is from an interview I listened to last January of Denise McAllister at the studio of Eric Metaxas in New York. It is about 18 minutes in. This was so well said, I thought, that I scratched it down. Maybe a few others will find it meaningful as well.

“This is why we now need safe spaces. Men initiate men into the hardships of life. Even with girls, the role of dad is a hard role. The role of the masculine in society is to teach responsibility. Mom teaches love, Dad teaches responsibility. This is the primary given — how we were designed by God. Dad comes along and says, “You need to toughen up for life.” And it’s hard, because sometimes it makes us not like Dad too much.

“It’s easy to hate the masculine because it challenges us. It brings us out of our comfort zones. It causes anxiety. It causes tension. And it causes tension in every sphere: professionally, intimacy, in homes — the tension between the masculine and the feminine, which, when they come together properly in raising people up and out of… It is the tension that extends and refines the other…

“We now have the feminization of the culture. Abandoning and being hostile to the masculine. Hating and resenting it. Anger — how dare you have strength. Unequal outcomes. “You’re pushing me! You’re pushing me in a way that I don’t like. It makes me feel uncomfortable!” And we’re all about comfort now.

“Yet if we are going to live in a free society we are going to have to understand and deal with the hardships of life. Freedom is messy. Freedom is hard. Freedom is not entitlement. Freedom does not have “Safe Spaces”… freedom means you may be uncomfortable with what other people say.”

When this all seems so plainly self-evident it makes me wonder just what is the motivation of those who would take this from us. In order to get your answer you need only look at all the cultures that no longer exist. In a word, this is nihilism.

Denise McAllister | The Eric Metaxas Radio Show

1:09:52 – The Eric Metaxas Radio Show – 2020-01-08

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