Sheriff David Clarke with Candace Owens

This was a simply superb interview. As I listened to this I was reminded of how common sense, intelligence, and good moral conduct knows no racial boundary. Those of us not fixated on race in fact give it little thought.

I was also reminded of the hundreds of hours of reading and audio I have undertaken in my life that was written or spoken by black men. The experience was rich and I learned a great deal from these men who I respected and admired. The same men that have had a profound and lasting influence on both Clarke and Owens.

It is an irony that those who endlessly cry racism actually know so little about it, and this is in fact discussed towards the end of the interview.

Below the video are some observations by Sheriff Clarke that I jotted down as I listened to the interview…

The Candace Owens Show: Sheriff David Clarke

49:03 – PragerU – Candace Owens

David Clarke, the former Sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, joins Candace this week for a conversation about father absence in the Black community, the war of political ideas, and why multiculturalism is destroying America.

Sheriff Clarke:

  • “Uncle Sam might do some things well — very little, but a few. But Uncle Sam has been a horrible father.”
  • Quoting Thomas Sowell, “The only thing that Progressives are progressing is human misery.”
  • “Multiculturalism is destroying the fabric of this country.” He goes on to say, “And I want to remind people: Cultures don’t blend, they clash. And you know who taught me that? Again, Thomas Sowell.”
  • Regarding the Authoritarian Left: “If you control the language you control the narrative.”
  • Clarke did two campaign tours across America. He talks about going into rural Tennessee, areas that are supposedly deeply racist, and says that Trump Supporters are in fact NOT racist — at all. This myth is dispelled.
  • “Hope is not a plan.”
  • “The generation of thinkers are dying.”

During the interview they discuss the strong men who raised them and made them who they are today. The resounding influence these men had in their lives. How it is in fact the breakup of the family that has caused the problems in the black community much more than anything else.

Clarke says that long ago he forgave America for its sin of slavery. It is only in forgiveness that we grow towards God. Owens confesses that she never believed there was anything to forgive. We live a wonderfully opportune society and she never knew a single white person who owned a slave.

At the end of the interview they both admit being discouraged about whether this country may actually be brought to the truth or not. Still, they both plan to keep fighting the good fight. I found this interview highly refreshing and recommend it heartily.

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