Facebook Granted Patent for Shadowbanning

Even though they supposedly do not engage in this practice, Facebook was recently granted a patent on the process of doing so. This practice is one of the main reasons for the initial creation of this site. This, and so-called Hate Speech, and nebulous Community Guidelines that they refuse to quantify, and 50+ genders nonsense, and striking accounts that quote Bible verses (for example) while glorifying pages and posts of cross-dressing children and black gangsta scumbags pretending to blow the heads off nuns and young white children. I refuse to legitimize such a platform inasmuch as I am able.

Here is the article in Gizmodo that I was first directed to by an associate. The author of this piece is plainly liberal and bemoans only the fact that this may lend some credibility to “conservative and far-right interests who believe they’re experiencing ideological censorship at the hands of social networking platforms…”

What a pussy. If you are for censorship at least have the balls to say so.

Facebook Patents Shadowbanning

For those interested, here is the “far-right” version of the story — Facebook’s shadowbanning process is now patented

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  1. For those who think that facebook patented this without intent to use it, that’s ridiculous. That would be like a man who had a vasectomy explaining to his wife why he bought condoms. It doesn’t work.

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