Proof of Treason – Trump-Zelensky Transcript

Here is a copy of the Transcript that Democrats say provides proof that Trump should be hanged for Treason.

If we had a real news media in this country we wouldn’t be wasting time on phony distractions like this. We would be exposing the real crimes and actually trying to make the world a better place.

Trump-Zelensky transcript

PDF file – 5 pages total.


  1. I hear next to no-one commenting on the amazing fact that our current president can get anything done, given the amount of obstacles the media places in front of him. In all my years I have never seen any president attacked so relentlessly. Yet, he still manages to accomplish things.
    As I was growing up, I often thought about what I might do if given an opportunity to shake hands with a sitting president. From Nixon to Obama, there was not one that I did NOT think I would turn my back on. In regards to Trump, If you asked me before he became president I certainly would have no interest in shaking his hand. He is boorish, overbearing. and I doubt very seriously I would want to be his friend. But, given the circumstances, I think I might be inclined to shake his hand and say “Well done.” I didn’t hire you to be likable. I hired you to promote peace and prosperity. Given the fact that fewer Americans are being killed in wars around the globe and that the economy is good and I am experiencing a measure prosperity, I say, “Well done.” Of course, I am sure in the back of my mind I would be wishing he wasn’t so obnoxious.

    • Streylight, Your sentiments on Trump closely mirror my own. During the Republican debates of the last primary I had a friend tell me that she was seriously charged up about Trump. My response was something to the effect of, “You’ve got to be kidding.”

      My view of politics had gone incredibly downhill after realizations about the true nature of 9/11, the contrived Munchausen by Proxy called the “Financial Crisis” of 2008, and the way the media distorted and discredited Ron Paul in the previous election. If they (the fake-news media) didn’t like Ron Paul’s ideas about government, liberty, and freedom that was one thing. But to utterly distort everything he said and stood for was altogether something else. I had also experienced the tyranny of government firsthand in a substantial demand on my income. “Okay, I see how this works. Crooks get rewarded while honest people get robbed.” It wasn’t hard to see who was in bed with whom.

      All this said, it seems to me that the Puppet-Masters wouldn’t be so virulently against this President if he wasn’t stirring some stuff up.

      Sorry for my delay in getting your first comment approved. I have been away from the computer all day. You should now have full membership privileges on the site. Welcome.

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