Two Minutes Hate

Two Minutes Hate is the daily period In the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four (by George Orwell), during which members of the Outer Party of Oceania must watch a film depicting the enemies of the state, specifically Emmanuel Goldstein and his followers (the deplorables), in order to openly and loudly express hatred for them.

The political purpose of the Two Minutes Hate is to allow the citizens of Oceania to vent their existential anguish and personal hatred towards politically expedient enemies: Goldstein [Trump] and whatever enemy superstate of the moment [Russia, Ukraine, Climate-Change, et cetera]. In redirecting the members’ subconscious feelings away from the Inner Party’s own government, and towards nonexistent external enemies, the Party minimizes thoughtcrime and diminishes the consequent subversive behavior of thoughtcriminals.

Look or sound familiar? About 90% of the Legacy Media today is non-stop Hate – for President Trump. It’s Two Minutes Hate all day long, all you have to do is tune in and dedicate your two minutes. It’s incredibly convenient.

Whether one even likes this President or not it seems kind of strange that so many people could be so fooled by him while the “News” media attacks him relentlessly. Are those who try to support this President this hungry for evil… or is the reverse in fact true?

The media kissed the ass of the previous President, covering up, aiding and abetting dreadful crimes throughout his entire eight year reign. And they cooperated dutifully with the three Presidents before that. All of these men were wholly dedicated to the Deep State apparatus that actually runs everything. They certainly were NOT dedicated to the people who [supposedly] elected them.

Perhaps it is only my contrarian nature, but with even moderate research it usually appears to me that whatever story the Legacy Media is trying to make me believe – the opposite is probably closer to the truth. As in Orwell’s 1984, the real enemy of the people is the Inner Party. That is who controls history, the Ministries, and the media. Truth itself – to them – doesn’t actually have anything to do with anything. And the last thing the Inner Party wants is anyone who actually thinks for themselves… Anyone who is ultimately dedicated to a larger truth.

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  1. Here is an article I came across while researching this post. Even though I regularly impugn Trumpets as mindless zombies, it is interesting to watch the Deep State pin the Two Minutes Hate phenomenon on Trump. It is fun, in a twisted sort of way, to watch Trump turn their own methods against them.

    We’re no longer in Brave New World. We’re back in 1984.

    The writer gets it partly right, while blinded to a larger picture.

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