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Have not yet compiled notes on this and welcome the help of anyone who would like to do so. I wanted to at least get this published here to the main blog.

1:15:30 – Plandemic Documentary Series – 18 Aug 2020
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Plandemic website

Plandemic Part 1 (Official Re-Release)

22:53 – Plandemic Documentary Series – 18 Aug 2020

The interviewer asks the question, “How can any man, any person, who is giving global advice for health, own a patent in the solution, in the vaccine? Isn’t that a conflict of interest?” It doesn’t take much common sense to know the answer to that.

This so-called virus was created by the very group of people who offer a solution for it. This is especially heinous when one considers that there are other low-cost remedies for this thing. This thing that has been unnaturally — and intentionally — introduced into the population.

Mikovits notes that Ebola was incapable of infecting human cells until it was taken into the laboratory and taught to do so. She would know, since she was part of the team that worked on this.

Mikovits notes as well that we should repeal the Bayh-Dole Act which gives government workers (and contractors) the right to patent discoveries made while operating under grants and funding of the US government (aka “the taxpayer,” as we are told and sold). If you are being funded by the government you should not be able to claim intellectual property of your discoveries. This is a sell-out by those who presumably represent your interests (which they do not). This, indeed, is fascism, and this legislation was the product of a government, once again, that will make any compromise for short-term solutions at the expense of longer-term ethics and morality, not to mention true public health.


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