Nationalizing and Globalizing the Police

I had been wondering lately why I kept having visions of Robocop and OCP* come into my head while I am watching all this rioting nonsense, leadership telling law enforcement to stand down, and the do-nothing politicians with all their bullshit rhetoric and fake solutions. By chance I listened to this piece this evening by Alex Newman of The New American. Very elucidating. He makes it clear that this is all a push to create a National Police Force, ultimately under UN control. This also explains why the police have become more and more weaponized the last many years. Once our police are federalized, we are done.

Nationalizing and Globalizing the Police | Behind The Deep State

27:39 – Alex Newman – The New American Video

Description: In this episode of Behind The Deep State, host Alex Newman explains how and why the establishment is trying to demonize local police and sheriffs that are accountable to their local communities. One of the goals of this unrest is to nationalize and globalize American law enforcement to pave the way for tyranny, as proven by their own documents and statements. Obama and the UN were both open about the goals.

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*OCP stands for Omni Consumer Products. It was the mega-corporation in the movie Robocop. They ran Detroit law enforcement. Their leadership was incredibly corrupt.

RoboCop – Wikipedia

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  1. One of the YouTube comments mentioned the book Tragedy and Hope (by Carroll Quigley), for anyone who wants to know the agenda. There is a copy archived here in the ebooks section of the site. If anyone is interested in it then post a comment here and let me know.
    – John

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