Ben Garrison – The Real Looters

Amen. Once again, thank you Ben Garrison.

We’ve seen plenty of looting during the ‘peaceful protests,’ but the looters we saw on TV are amateurs compared to what’s going on at the top. 

The Federal Reserve no longer consults Congress to create and distribute their debt currency. Not only has the Fed routinely bailed out its owners—the globalist central banks—it has also engaged in nonstop quantitative easing to prop up the stock market. Just this morning I saw the Dow was down over 700, but then for some reason it flew up to nearly 300 in the green. Was there fantastic news to trigger a nearly 1,000 point turnaround? No. It was the Federal Reserve at work. The market needed ‘liquidity’ just as a dry drunk needs more booze.

If the Federal Reserve is buying their own treasuries as well as bonds and stocks, who owns those financial instruments? Certainly not the poor or middle class. The top 1 percent benefits. They’ve actually grown fabulously richer due to the plannedemic. They control the system. They must not and cannot lose regardless of dire economic conditions. Small businesses are shut down, but global corporations such as Walmart remain open—fine and dandy. It’s business as usual—the screwing of the average man.

The Monopoly Men of the 1 percent own 50 percent of the stock market as well as over half the world’s wealth. The very top 1/10th of that 1 percent are billionaires such as George Soros and Bill Gates and they think their fantastic wealth gives them the right to usher in an Orwellian police state to monitor and control us all. Bill Gates’ COVID-19 vaccine isn’t about helping people. It’s part of their plan for a global ID system. Digital elements and perhaps a chip will become mandatory. Their plannedemic has been put in place to make this happen. It’s the ‘mark of the beast.’ Your very life depends on NOT taking Bill Gates’ vaccine.

After the 9-11 attacks, ‘Big Guv’ took away our rights under the excuse of ‘keeping us safe.’ We lost many of our Fourth Amendments rights and they will not return. They convinced us to exchange our freedom and privacy for safety and they made it sound like the patriotic thing to do, hence their ‘Patriot Act.’

The Federal Reserve has existed for 107 years and during that time they stole countless trillions of dollars in wealth from average Americans. Big government stole our freedom. The 1 percent, including the Rockefeller Foundation, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Clinton Foundation, and now the Obama Foundation will make sure everything else gets stolen—including our very lives.

— Ben Garrison

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