China Seizes all Bitcoin Bank Accounts

Close friends and I have wondered why anyone ever thinks they are going to outsmart a government that is intent on getting its way. A government that has virtually unlimited resources, never needs to turn a profit, and is ultimately backed not only by deadly force, but by nuclear weapons. Cryptocurrency is one of the things we reference. Those who believe they will shelter their funds in “crypto” and the government will be unable to do anything about it better think again. In fact, I have little doubt that the Wall Street Banks — the Puppet-Masters — have been leaving cryptocurrency alone only until the bugs are finally worked out. It will then be seized and incorporated into their own crypto vaults.

The following is provided by Armstrong Economics

Chinese police have frozen several thousand accounts of Bitcoin traders during an extensive crackdown on illicit activities, which includes transferring money out of the country as well as tax evasion. We must realize that the PRESUMPTION that we have free markets and that somehow a cryptocurrency is outside of the government fiat system is all the nice fluff used to sell them. But the closer we get to 2032, the government will NOT tolerate competition. Europe is already planning to eliminate all paper money. Do you really think they will allow people to have alternative accounts using cryptocurrencies when their objective is to force all money into the banking system with their Marxist agenda?

Any assumption that you have any rights whatsoever is wrong. You have nothing including property. It all belongs to the government in the depths of their mind. All they are looking for is the excuse to justify their actions. Politicians no longer represent the people. That is the first thing you need to understand.

China Seizes all Bitcoin Bank Accounts | Armstrong Economics

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