“It’s not for me to judge”… more nonsense

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, 79 people were shot over the July 4th weekend, resulting in 15 fatalities. Yes, 79 people. Let that sink in for a moment. Resulting in fifteen murders.

Eleven of the victims were minors, and two children died. One of the victims was a 7-year-old girl who was shot in the head while standing on the sidewalk at her grandmother’s house.

The number shot or killed by police? Zero. The number shot or killed by white people? Zero. As usual.

Where are the peaceful ‘Protesters’…?? Come on, don’t you care about Black Lives?! Why are ‘Racial Justice’ advocates not burning down Chicago?! Where are those pallets of bricks Mayor Lightfoot?! The people of Chicago must pay for this injustice!

The Chicago Mayor continues to deceptively call this a gun problem, instead of what it is — a MORAL problem. It is a disgraceful lack of Principled-Leadership, made all the more appalling by its own selfsame pride. A lack of effective role models, just greedy overpaid sports stars hawking wildly overpriced sneakers and other phony bullshit.

It is the glorification of violence and the accompanying pretense that self-serving politicians many levels above have the answers. It is a lack of properly policed neighborhoods where THUGS run wild, because naturally “All Cops Are Bastards.” Give me a break! More than that, you don’t send wussies in to deal with tough-guys.

The REAL answers are plain to see and easily understood, although that does not mean they will be easy. Get the fathers back in the homes, and make room for God. End the bigotry of low expectations. End this RIDICULOUS “War on Drugs” which serves only to enrich the courts and the Corporate Prison system. Find REAL role models who are willing to tell it straight that drugs are a dead-end, and being a “gangsta” is retarded.

Teach these kids the joy of reading and imagination. Teach them that it is actually cool to be good and loving, and uncool to be bad and hateful. Stop polluting their minds, telling them they are victims only to feed your own sense of self-importance. Be courageous, and willing to make moral judgments that stand the test of time.

We should be looking to people like Will Allen who might show the way forward in urban farming — while keeping meddlesome Government and Do-Gooders out of it. These neighborhoods should be made safe and given hope, even if it means intense policing and curfews until there is a new normal. If you point a gun at a police officer expect to be shot — no matter what color you are. Grow up.

Lastly, stop calling it a “gun” problem. This is a LEADERSHIP problem; spiritual wickedness in high places. This country owns more guns than anywhere else on Earth. If this was a “gun” problem we would already ALL be dead.

Reference: Fourth of July weekend gun violence: 79 shot, 15 fatally, in Chicago – Chicago Sun-Times

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