Three Ways to Create Wealth

There are three ways to create wealth: You can grow it, you can mine it, or you can manufacture it. Anything else is just a transference of wealth.

Said in a simpler way, “No wealth is created without sweat.”

Those who actually built this country knew this instinctively. We should be clear that there have been financial scams and Ponzi schemes (by whatever name) since time began, but wealth is a tangible thing, not an abstract accounting concept.

Today we are the unwitting and unwilling slaves of those who believe that they have created a monetary perpetual motion machine, and in fact they have – as a way of generating unearned income and prosperity for only themselves. Someday this will again be properly known for the theft and immorality that it is.

God gave us a bountiful Earth. Imagine what kind of world it might be if 95% of its endowment were not plundered by the top 1% of 1% of its inhabitants. If only.

The Wealth of Nations – Wikipedia

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