Heather MacDonald with Mark Levin

MacDonald has been an avid speaker on the topics of ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ for a number of years. Author of The Diversity Delusion, she breaks down the rise of intolerance on the Left, which is largely who runs our colleges now.

Heather MacDonald warns US colleges are breeding hate

15:01 – Mark Levin – 2018-12-02

2020-04-27 — In the many months since first posting this I have had a chance to do much more listening to Mac Donald [sic – this is in fact how she writes her own name]. She is a highly intelligent and articulate woman, and someone I very much enjoy listening to. She strongly exhibits her academic roots however, in a charming way, and (to me) is occasionally naive about the depth and ubiquitous nature of evil in the modern world, attributing it to something else. I believe she is profoundly atheist though, so this may be part of that. I may return to correct or revise this and welcome any comments.

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