The Most Powerful Gas in the Known Universe

I was listening to a debate between two “Climate Scientists” three weeks ago. One believed in Global Warming – AND that it was caused by man. The other did not.

Regarding the composition of Earth’s atmosphere, they agreed that nitrogen gas accounts for about 78%. Oxygen is about 21% and argon is just less than 1% (0.9%). All the rest of the gases in the atmosphere account for the remaining one tenth of one percent.

Carbon Dioxide is roughly 0.04% of the atmosphere. Four one-hundredths of one percent. Nature produces 97% of this CO2. Both men acknowledged that humans only create 3% of the 0.04% of CO2 in the atmosphere.

So humans only produce 3% of what is apparently the most powerful gas in the universe, with China producing the majority of that. As an aside, China will not willingly participate in any “Climate Change” initiatives because it largely believes it is made up bullshit.

Let me tell you what this is REALLY about. Every human on this planet, and most animals, breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Those who run this planet (those who really run it), and who would be thrilled to be rid of you and me, know that they could never tax the air you breathe no matter how much they would love to do so. They already pretty much tax everything else you do one way or another, but they know that you just would not fall for this. What they CAN do is tax the by-product of the air you breathe.

Since most people are not really too smart, and most that do have some level of intelligence are hopelessly naive when it comes to understanding the criminal mind, all the rich and powerful have to do is start some moral outrage. People are always looking for something to feel great about. If the Puppet-Masters can create hysteria it’s even better. Lots of people today are actively looking for a reason to hate others — especially if the others are already deplorable human beings who don’t really deserve to live anyway.

So the same group of psychopaths that lead us into needless and endless wars, loot most of our wages from us every year, lie to us about where our tax dollars go, rob us blind through inflation, sell us bottled water for 1000 times what they pay for it (and then make US clean up the plastic), et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. These people laugh their asses off that they will yet be paid for the air we breathe. After all, you can’t breathe in without breathing out. You got to hand it to ’em, this is evil genius.

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