The Lord Giveth Increase, but Man Devised Credit

Ever more proof that man does not learn from history – and, in all his greed, pride and arrogance, in fact has little interest in it at all, at least in any real history…

“The Lord giveth increase, but man devised credit.”

“The general shape of the universal delusion may be indicated by three of its familiar features:
First, the idea that the panacea for debt is credit.
Second, a social and political doctrine, now widely accepted, beginning with the premise that people are entitled to certain betterments of life.
Third, the argument that prosperity is a product of credit, whereas from the beginning of economic thought it had been supposed that prosperity was from the increase and exchange of wealth, and credit was its product.”

— Garet Garrett, The Bubble That Broke the World (1932)

Originally posted to Spacebook on 18 March 2020, along with the following response to a friend’s comment…

One needs to read The Creature from Jekyll Island (or do similar study) to truly understand the vile depths of what has been perpetrated on this nation and on mankind. At one time I tried to give out free audio CD’s on the subject, but no one was really interested.

I have free copies of Garrett’s book (above) and others available on PDF, but it’s the same — no one has the time or interest to read them. That’s how I know we’re doomed. The sheepdogs will eventually all be taken out, and those are the only ones who still have any altruistic interest in the sheep and who still know how the wolf’s mind works.

The Bubble that Broke the World by Garet Garrett, 1931

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