Self-Sufficiency – Wet Shaving

About seven years ago I was in Sam’s Club looking at the high dollar disposable razors I used at the time. I finally said “No thanks,” and put them back. I determined that I was going to get back to the basics with shaving in the same way I had with food and many other things.

Today I shave with an old-fashioned DE (double-edged) razor like my grandfather used. I use old-fashioned shaving cream whipped up and applied with an old-fashioned brush, and enjoy probably the finest shaves ever.

It took some practice, and there were times I questioned my resolve. In the process I bought lots of different blades, and accumulated a supply that will last the rest of my life. I have favorites, but I can now get a good shave with almost any of them.

In yet one more way I say good-bye to the corporate profiteers. I wish them the best as they fret over their stock price, and their bonuses. There is more to life than that, and I am grown tired of feeding the beast. There is a lot of richness and satisfaction in returning to simpler times.

Notes from the Journal – originally posted to spacebook on 2020.01.16

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