Michael Nyman: Where the Bee Dances

I was on my way out to a friend’s place in the Texas Hill Country one Saturday evening. It was a pretty drive and this song came on the FM radio. I sat in his driveway for the final 5 minutes just to find out who it was so I could buy the disc.

This won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I believe it is a pleasing piece and I hope some will enjoy this as I have. It starts slow and quiet in case you wonder if it is playing or not. Michael Nyman wrote the music for the movie The Piano, by the way.

Michael Nyman: Where the Bee Dances – YouTube

17:55 — John Harle – Topic

Nyman: Where the Bee Dances · John Harle · Bournemouth Sinfonietta · Ivor Bolton
Nyman: Where The Bee Dances / Bryars: The Green Ray / Westbrook: Bean Rows And Blues Shots
℗ 1992 Decca Music Group Limited
Released on: 1992-05-01
Producer: Andrew Cornall
Studio Personnel, Balance Engineer: John Dunkerley
Composer: Michael Nyman

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