Seeing the Noise – Living in the Ether

The featured image is a graphical representation of electromagnetic energy filling a space. Wi-Fi. It represents the soup – the ether we now live in. Most of us at least. And it is going to get significantly worse with the introduction of 5G.

Many who suffer from tinnitus are in fact experiencing a sensitivity to the radio energy that fills their environment. Even the wiring in modern homes contributes to this phenomenon, although that will seem fantastic to most.

There is a small town in West Virginia where wireless signals are illegal. No Wi-Fi, no cell phones. Period. You can read about it here… The Town Where Wireless Signals Are Illegal | Mental Floss

It was not until the 1950’s, when the majority of homes in the United States were finally electrified, that previously rare cancers and other diseases became common. This is now largely written about, although you won’t hear about it in the news.

Just a heads up. Something to think about, and something we will be coming back to.

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