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Ron Paul recently had a mild stroke while doing his daily Ron Paul Liberty Report. It caused me to reflect on how he had influenced my thinking on politics years earlier; my thoughts on what role government should have in our lives.

In an ongoing quest to learn more about economics, politics, and the markets, I had read a number of Ron Paul’s books, along with many others, and understood well his economic beliefs. It had been my initial desire only to study economics, but I soon realized that one could not properly do so without also studying politics. The two were hopelessly intertwined due to the degenerate nature of politics itself, politics being predominantly concerned with the disposition of power. Money and power are of course closely aligned.

Paul believed in and wrote about political and economic systems that were complementary, organic, and equitable by their nature. He disdained the prevailing order, unnatural, and built to empower and enrich only a select few. My own ideologies had grown to be largely in sync with his.

In 2008 I watched the puppets in Congress pass immensely unpopular legislation to “bail-out” (reward) reckless Bankers and financial institutions. The system was plainly corrupt, much more even than I thought. The year leading up to the 2012 Presidential election however was when I finally realized without doubt that our political process was a facade… a sham.

In spite of Paul being highly principled and articulate, I watched the state-controlled media twist and pervert everything he said into something seemingly foolish or stupid. Either those interviewing him were themselves stupid, or this was deliberate. I came to believe that it was both. Ron Paul simply wasn’t for sale.

Being a principled man, unlike perhaps the vast majority of those who ‘serve’ in Congress, Paul never had to guess what he believed in or stood for. He was an ardent supporter not only of sound economic policies but of the US Constitution, and appeared to be the only member of Congress who took seriously his oath to uphold and defend it.

Not coincidentally, more active duty service members donated to Ron Paul’s campaign than all other candidates combined – on both sides of the aisle!

In the following video my friend Brian touches on some of what has always made Ron Paul a man of character and a true leader. I echo his words with a big “Amen.”

23:01 – High Impact Flix – 25 Sep 2020
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In Brian’s own words
All the best to Ron Paul. The ONLY guy in congress who stood on principle and refused to sell out to politics. I was a delegate to my state convention for Ron Paul back in 2012 and saw first hand how the GOP railroaded him and stole the nomination from his hands. Ron Paul CLEARLY won in Oklahoma, yet the powers-that-shouldn’t-be didn’t want him to win. The gave it to Romney. It got even worse at the National convention in Tampa. Imagine how different things would be if we had 535 Ron Paul’s in Congress? They didn’t call him “Dr No” for nothing. The plaque he had on his desk in Congress for years was “Don’t steal, the government hates competition.” This man’s steadfast message of freedom set me on the path I’m on right now. He’s single-handedly opened the eyes of countless people to the principles of freedom and the power of the free market. Long live Ron Paul.

libertarianism – noun
an extreme laissez-faire political philosophy advocating only minimal state intervention in the lives of citizens.

Interesting to note that Google Dictionary defines libertarianism (small L) as an extreme political philosophy, as if state intervention in the lives of its citizens is a good and noble thing.

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