Religion blushing veils her sacred fires

A fascinating exchange. A Muslim immigrant to Canada explains to a reporter from Rebel Media that homosexuality is not an organic lifestyle and that Canada’s embrace of it will prove to be its own demise. Amen. I say that this has been the plan all along.

It only confirms what I have said time and again that those who advocate loudly for a homosexual lifestyle are in fact Nihilists. This means only that their lifestyle is not organic — it is unable to reproduce on its own in any natural way. As to why this factual comment is deemed hateful is because those who are selling this nonsensical bullshit are in the business of inverting reality and marketing cultural destruction.

The immigrant notes multiple times that by the year 2060 Muslims will be the majority of the world population (per Pew Research), and Sharia [Law] WILL at that time be instituted. That is certainly a logical conclusion.

Any Arabs in the Israeli Knesset are “House Negroes” only, according to this Muslim.

In the truest admission yet the Immigrant confesses that he did not speak the oath when becoming a Canadian citizen. He remained silent. It was up to them to make sure he said it and they did not, so he is not required to follow it.

That is quite an admission, and is in total contradiction to what the West has called “good faith” for 800 years [see the Magna Carta above].

“When I went for my so-called oath, I was silent. I didn’t say anything. It was your responsibility to make sure you got it out of me. So when I didn’t say anything I am not liable to any [of it]…”

Note that this is how this man sees the generosity that has been bestowed upon him by the Canadian people — not as strength, but as weakness. He speaks the truth, at least as far as he sees it. Understand that he speaks for untold millions around the world. God works in mysterious ways, and this will be the result of glorifying sin.

“This is what you get. The way you raise them, the way you teach them at school. This is what you get.”


Toronto Muslim: Executing gays may sound “unfair”, but it’s Sharia law | David Menzies

10:15 – Rebel Media

David Menzies of reports: The honesty was refreshing albeit highly disturbing: A Muslim Al Quds Day protester in Toronto on June 1 advocates that Canada should be ruled by Sharia law.

Religion blushing, veils her sacred fires,
And unawares Morality expires.
— Alexander Pope

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