Random Thoughts – Riots Compilation Post

a compilation of short posts to spacebook earlier this week…

Last year 9 unarmed Black Men in the United States were killed by Police Officers. (Only 2, by the way, were apparently NOT resisting arrest).

Using this statistic, the risk of an unarmed black man being killed in this country by a police officer is the same — literally — as being killed by scalding hot water (yes, this is an actual thing). Terrifying, I know.

A Police officer is 18 times more likely to be killed by a Black man than an unarmed Black man is to be killed by a Police officer.

Once again the narrative has been turned upside-down by those who either find the truth inconvenient or hate it altogether. If your quest is not for truth; factual, objective truth — above all else — then what do you actually believe in? This is not a rhetorical question, by the way.

Here’s your SYSTEMIC problem – at least HALF of it:

  • first elected 33 years ago (1987)… Nancy Pelosi
  • first elected 22 years ago (1998)… Charles Schumer
  • first elected 47 years ago (1973)… Joseph Biden
  • first elected 29 years ago (1991)… Maxine Waters

Every single one now a multi-millionaire (with the addition of friends, associates, and members of their own family as well).

Does this make you feel all warm inside? Have you been impressed with all the social progress? Do you really think these people are fighting for YOU? Please, grow up.

There were 18 murders in 24 hours in Chicago one night last week. The deadliest day in 60 years (not counting abortions of course). All Black on Black! Good Lord!

Have you heard your favorite politician, celebrity, or Black Lives Matter person talking about that? No?

I didn’t think so. Black Lives Matter only when there is a political dividend.

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