Hollywood Scripts – Corona

I am copying here a number of Spacebook postings from the last couple of weeks. Here is one from a couple days ago…

I posed a thought experiment: “Does anyone know what they used to use typewriters for in Hollywood?”

I didn’t receive many responses.

I finally replied: Well, neither the question nor the answer was meant to be esoteric. In the days before word processors they used typewriters to write scripts.

I noted this when I saw a recent Twitter post by Tom Hanks that showed an old Corona typewriter along with some nonsense (coded) language that he was sending out to the initiated. Those who run this place tell us very plainly what is going on, if we only open our eyes and minds to see it. In fact, I would say that they are required to do so.

I did not post the following to the Spacebook, but do so here. It is a pretty eye-opening revelation from April at Hacking the Headlines, and pretty disgusting…

11:41 – Hacking the Headlines

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