JS Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier

A little out of order regarding a larger thing I was working on, this is something I posted tonight on Spacebook…

Yes, I am still aghast at the thought of “hip hop” being called music, much less an art form.

This short piece was written by Johann Sebastian Bach in 1722. Its intrinsic beauty is manifest, and timeless.

I share here the first (most well-liked) comment on YouTube. It speaks to the deep emotions that may be stirred by music…

“My father used to play this late at night; usually drunk. I was but a child. I once peered around a door to see him at the piano…… crying as he played this. I have not listened to it since that night almost 60 years ago. I did, however, listen to it today. And I, like he, wept. In time and in forgiveness we are all healed.”


2:14 – Tzvi Erez

The Well-Tempered Clavier – Wikipedia

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