Godless America Builds a New Religion

15:19 – Felix Rex (Black Pigeon Speaks)

Black Pigeon has done previous installments on this same topic. I decided to post this one here to the main blog, along with some notes that were scratched out while I listened. This has all seemed so self-evident to me as I have watched it happen. I have found myself befuddled by the seeming ease with which so many have been captivated by this movement. I hope that perhaps by documenting some of this it helps others to more easily see it for what it is. – John


We are witnessing the rise of a new secular religion, the Religion of Woke.

The destruction of culture with its familiar symbols and statues. All with the intention of destroying the knowledge of what came before (classical antiquity). Meeting the Maoist demands for the destruction of the Four Olds: Old Customs, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Ideas.

There are now calls to take the wanton destruction to the churches, escalating this to a religious war. Note that once zealots begin to destroy their own culture they inevitably move on to destroying people. This outcome is quite easy to discern if you are not gaslit by your own ideological flatulence.

The witch doctors, blue check-marked acolytes masquerading as journalists, students indoctrinated at what used to pass for schools… professionally offended zealots.

A system that keeps its adherents in check by rewards, punishment, and a huge amount of validation, with an especially rigid social structure and belief system. The corporate controlled media as both middlemen and arbiters of cultural consensus. The internet was for a time able to counter this growing singularity, but the ever increasing level of censorship is taking its toll.

This is a state-sponsored religion, attempting to fill the vacuum left in the West by the fall of Christianity.

There are the Sinners in need of repentance who must grovel as much as possible or risk being canceled or excommunicated. There are the Heretics who once were socially aware but have now shied away from the Light of Woke. They also must be canceled. There are the Infidels who refuse the ideological Gift of Woke. This is the class that everyone who disagrees with Fundamentalist Woke are lumped in to and must be resisted at all cost. For the Church of Woke these people are not simply bad, they are evil for they have refused the Light and The Gift of Woke. Thus everything they say and believe is Blasphemy, or, in terms of woke: “Hate.” The Infidels are filled with hate, and they speak hate. Blasphemy equals Hate. It must be fought at all times, because the Woke are for love, they are for inclusion, and tolerance, and hope – not hate. But the Infidels hate, and hate is what must be canceled above all.

It is ironic that those who claim to be all about love, inclusion and tolerance are in fact so filled with hate for those who disagree with their ideology. This hatred has truly taken on religious overtones. Gorging themselves regularly on the proverbial Two Minutes of Hate. They label anyone who rejects their Maoist worldview and their wish to destroy the Four Olds as evil, filled with hate, Nazis and fascists. They work themselves into hate-filled mobs using violence and defamation to destroy any who disagree.

They have presiding over this jihad a Priestly Class of Hollywood celebrities and self-appointed czars who patrol social media looking to take offense. And Woke has the concept of Original Sin, the sin of having been born white.

The fundamental principle of Woke is absolute non-discrimination in all things. They feel and believe that being as non-judgmental and undiscerning as possible makes them more moral than anyone else. This leads to some funny contradictions.

It is no matter though, spewing vitriol against any external threat, the Evangelizing Woke strive to cleanse themselves of their own psychological demons. This frenzy of ideological zealotry has morphed into the current incarnation of ‘canceled culture’ and rise of the Cult of Woke. Even Math is now supposedly Racist. They want changes to society that can only end in the total breakdown of it. (Note that this is why I have for some time called these people Nihilists.)

We are now witnessing rituals of Self-Flagellation by white ‘protesters’ to help atone for their Original Sin.

Far-left activists now call for Christian Churches to be vandalized, their statues of Jesus torn down and their stained glass windows broken. Jesus is after all a ‘form of White Supremacy.’

These people are not interested or concerned at all with outcomes. What will happen in the future as a result of their worldview and actions taken of little interest. Their only interest is the immediate feeling of superiority that they lust for and believe they derive from their obviously not very well-thought-out philosophy. The biggest problem for those who have hitched their wagon to Woke is that there seems to be no mechanism by which to correct course (unless of course that course is nihilism).

Marxists and Maoists have long pathologized those that disagreed with them. Hopefully in years to come this will all be seen for the mass psychosis that it was. This seems to prove that when a society lacks religion something will always arise to fill the void.

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