Forum: CRISIS-19-Public

A handful of us here spent extensive time and energy since mid-March trying to learn what is the nature of this pandemic that has been thrust upon us. After a flurry of emails, we finally added a new Public Group to the site for this purpose (link below).


I continue to receive a large number of emails each day regarding this subject, and have posted here what I believed was most useful, including some of my own thoughts. This is by no means complete and there is lots of stuff that I simply did not have time to review. If I did not have time to review it then it was most likely not posted.

You may gain some perspective by scrolling all the way to the beginning and making your way forward.

I hope you will find this information useful and will share it with others. I hope also that you will keep an open mind, and even if you disagree with what is posted here will at least think on it. This is all done in a spirit of good faith and in the pursuit of truth, wherever that leads.


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