Creating Chaos in Venezuela

Catching up on the day’s news before I call it a night, I see that Ilhan Omar is once more under attack. She said that the United States helped create the chaos in Venezuela. Well, everything I have seen for weeks and months suggests that that is absolutely the case.

We create chaos around the globe wherever it suits us, smugly believing we are the anointed ones who should install or topple regimes as we see fit. What a crock. If Venezuela was not rich with oil or some other valuable resource the District of Columbia would not give a hoot in hell about them or their “regime”… get real. They sure as hell don’t care about the people of Venezuela any more than they do about the ones here.

Omar suggests that our role should be one of guidance, which is something I have written about numerous times. We should be leading by example, not by constant threats, infiltrating foreign populations and governments and destroying them from within like we did to Ukraine. This is bullshit and this bullying the world is a false paradigm that needs to stop. At least know what you are looking at when you see it.

I am no fan of Ilhan Omar. I don’t trust her as far as I can throw her. That does not mean however that she automatically doesn’t know what she’s talking about, whether it’s inconvenient for the government and our precious self-image or not.

It’s time to grow up and start embracing the truth, wherever it leads us.

I originally posted this to facebook on 3 May 2019. I was somewhat surprised that this created so many more comments than usual. Many were upset that I concurred with Omar (by chance) on anything! They thought it was naive that I believed our role in the world should be one of ‘guidance’ and principle-centered leadership as opposed to having a massive military presence, subverting or toppling every government in the world who did not meet our corporate interests. Many believe we have established the Pax Romana, although I can hardly remember a time we were not at war with someone.


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